Mission Statement

The Gold Medal Message campaign was created to demonstrate opposition to the recent political changes happening in Russia.

Essentially, there is newly passed legislation that criminalizes “Gay Propoganda.” This means that anyone who is gay, suspected of being gay, or just accused of being gay can go to jail. Russian LGBT* members and allies are trying to fight these anti-gay laws, but they can’t do it alone. They need our help.

From February 7-23 & March 7-16, 2014, we will have a unique international opportunity to make our voices heard on this issue through use of The Olympics and Paralympics in Sochi. Some people are calling for a boycott of the 2014 games. We believe our message can be much stronger.

What we are proposing is a campaign where we, LGBT* and allies together ask the athletes from our home countries to stand in solidarity with us and show the world that homophobia is never acceptable.

We propose to do this by asking our teams to add a small rainbow patch on their uniforms during the opening ceremony.  There is strength in numbers and with enough support this message of love could make a real difference in the world of international politics and human rights. Let’s work together to ensure that these games capture the true meaning of the Olympics and are a celebration of human spirit. Thank you for helping us to succeed.

Love and solidarity,
The Gold Medal Message Team



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